African Americans give 8.6 percent of their discretionary income to charity – more than any other racial group in America.


African Americans donate 25 percent more of their discretionary income than do Americans of European descent.


Nearly two-thirds of African American households give to charity more formally, to the tune of $11 billion each year.

The Soul of Philanthropy reframes portraits of philanthropy. Comprising highly innovative presentations of over a dozen vignette stories and more than 50 black-and-white images, the exhibition conjures philanthropic musings across generations. A robust offering of talks, panel discussions and public forums accompany the exhibition and allow groups to explore a broad range of topics to ignite a movement of conscious philanthropy by empowering a generation of Americans to recognize their power and responsibility to give back.

The exhibit and its programs are meant to compel us toward a triumphant movement of conscious giving for social change.

– Author Valaida Fullwood and Photographer Charles Thomas

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Cleveland has built a long and prominent reputation of philanthropy and is the recognized home to the world’s first community foundation. Today, Cleveland is poised to shape the future of philanthropy, leading to work that’s more inclusive, responsive and reflective of the community.

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